Every moment of family life is precious, especially in this increasingly 24-7 world. Children, in particular, seem to outgrow our loving and nurturing at an accelerated pace every passing year. Treasure family life, and fleeting time with your kids. Capture your family as it is, and the wonderful people your children will become. Nothing brings a family together like shared memories of toothless baby grins, shiny braces, and the sparkle of adolescence!

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During your free initial consultation, Krish invests a good portion of time getting to know you and your family, and the kinds of images you’re looking for. He builds on this foundation every time he speaks with you, so he has a good idea of how to give you images you’ll fawn over. After all, if you’re not enthralled, what’s the point, right? He’ll answer any questions you may have, and you’ll learn about his different session options, packages and pricing, various display options, and his process for creating your heirloom-quality portraits.